Blockchain, How It Works

Are you interested in Blockchain? IBM has created the below video to help explain how it works by using a diamond industry example. Check it out!

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IBM Cloud Private with Mark Lucente

Recently, Mark Lucente was asked to speak to IBM about why IBM Cloud Private is a hot topic in the marketplace, and how IBM differentiates itself from other private cloud offerings.  Zilker Technology is one of the few IBM partners on the forefront of this technology.

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Optimize Customer Inquiry process using IBM’s Cognitive & Digital Process Automation Solution Stack

Processing free text-based customer inquiries from email-attachments, online forms, message boards, etc.
could be a time-consuming process, and in some cases may be too late before the Customer Service
Representatives (CSR) get to it. Automating this process will remove the human element required for
reviewing each inquiry, prioritizing and routing to the appropriate CSR for resolution.
Zilker Technology’s Customer Inquiry Automation (CIA) solution using the IBM Digital Process Automation product stack with IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Classifier APIs can automate & [more]

Raj Patel API Connect & Docker Enterprise Video Link

In this video, you’ll see how to run a complete Production Class API+Microservice development environment from your developer workstation.

In less than 60 minutes, see how to: stand up scripted, automated and integrated environment – LDAP Directory server, Mail Server, Web based email client, IBM API Connect cloud, API Manager, API developer portal, API Gateway, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Swarm and Docker Data Center with any OS flavor of your choice – Windows, Mac or Linux, [more]