ecommerce for cheeseheads


World class solution based on Magento Enterprise

Being competitive and winning the big game are what the Packers are known for. They have one of the biggest fanbases in all of the professional sports. However, in 2016, their online shop was outdated, had poor mobile support, and lacked the modern tools their business users needed to maintain the site efficiently. Zilker was brought in to provide a modern, mobile-first e-commerce site that their most loyal fans could be proud of. In addition, the new website provides advanced content management and simple, easy to use administration and customer service tools that they did not have in the past. Customers are now able to chat directly with customer service representatives. Mobile use on the site has increased and sales are up with an increase in conversion rates.



Magento Enterprise provides a fully featured, lightweight, responsive, and high performance solution and is the leading open source eCommerce platform. The ease of development and flexibility of open source allowed Zilker to use a combination of custom developed features and plugins purchased from the Magento Marketplace to tailor a solution that was just right for the Packers.

Enterprise Integration

While Magento provides a powerful e-commerce platform it is useless if orders cannot be processed and shipped at the Packers’ massive shipping warehouse just a few blocks from Lambeau Field. Zilker used the Mule Anypoint Platform and built sophisticated workflows to handle communication between the customer facing Magento system and the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that the Packers use. In addition, the entire integration was decoupled by making use of RabbitMQ, an open source messaging platform based on the AMQP protocol, an open standard.