Mobile Curated Luxury


Idea to App and Portal in under 4 months

KEY is a five-star concierge service that leverages technology in curating seamless personalized experiences in America’s most celebrated cities from coast to coast. KEY partnered with Zilker to build its flagship mobile application and web back-end from the ground up in under 4 months to help them successfully launch at SXSW. The solution allows KEY’s professional concierges to provide its members with a personalized, expertly curated experience in a highly scalable fashion and showcased Zilkers unique combination of enterprise experience and start-up agility. Key has expanded from Austin to serving 8 cities and counting and raised $3.75 million to expand further.



Zilker leveraged open source frameworks to deliver a flexible and rich mobile application. The application was built so that a single code base could provide a dynamic and appealing mobile experience to Key’s customers on the web and through a mobile application. The solution is built on AngularJS and Cordova and leverages Yeoman for project scaffolding. This combination of technology allows for rapid development and an outstanding customer experience.

Portals & Web Content

Leveraging Amazon EC2 and Amazon Beanstalk we delivered a full stack portal application using nodeJS, AngularJS, nosql DB and many 3rd party integrations to give Key a single dashboard to manage their customers, vendors, and business. The dashboard provides chat services, event scheduling, billing, financial reports, and user management. Some of the back-end systems include Zopim, Freshbooks and Parse.