Blockchain, How It Works

Are you interested in Blockchain? IBM has created the below video to help explain how it works by using a diamond industry example. Check it out!

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IBM Cloud Private with Mark Lucente

Recently, Mark Lucente was asked to speak to IBM about why IBM Cloud Private is a hot topic in the marketplace, and how IBM differentiates itself from other private cloud offerings.  Zilker Technology is one of the few IBM partners on the forefront of this technology.

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Deploying UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer Cloud Applications Part 7 – Using an Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

In Part 6 of this blog series we demonstrated how to provision a two-instance environment where we provisioned our own MySQL database. At the risk of losing some cloud portability, there is BPD support for the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). In this blog we are going to demonstrate how to change our database from a deployed version of MySQL to a RDS service provided by Amazon. Two use cases are provided – first, instantiating the RDS as part of the provisioning and second, [more]

Deploying UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer Cloud Applications Part 6 – Provisioning a Multiple Instance Blueprint

The ucd_blueprint_designer_test example stepped through in blog entries Parts 4 and 5 is good enough to explain blueprint design, the provisioning process, and to demonstrate that things are operational and connected properly. However, in the real world, application environments will consist of multiple VM instances and not be as simple as deploying a component with no artifacts that prints “Connected”. In Part 6, we are going to discuss how to provision a multi-component web application. The development example will deploy all the components onto a single instance development environment. [more]