Deploying UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer Cloud Applications Part 6 – Provisioning a Multiple Instance Blueprint

The ucd_blueprint_designer_test example stepped through in blog entries Parts 4 and 5 is good enough to explain blueprint design, the provisioning process, and to demonstrate that things are operational and connected properly. However, in the real world of microservices, application environments will consist of multiple VM instances and not be as simple as deploying a component with no artifacts that prints “Connected”. In Part 6, we are going to discuss how to provision a two-instance environment consisting of a web application on one instance connected to a database on another instance. [more]

Optimize Customer Inquiry process using IBM’s Cognitive & Digital Process Automation Solution Stack

Processing free text-based customer inquiries from email-attachments, online forms, message boards, etc.
could be a time-consuming process, and in some cases may be too late before the Customer Service
Representatives (CSR) get to it. Automating this process will remove the human element required for
reviewing each inquiry, prioritizing and routing to the appropriate CSR for resolution.
Zilker Technology’s Customer Inquiry Automation (CIA) solution using the IBM Digital Process Automation product stack with IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Classifier APIs can automate & [more]

Deploying UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer Cloud Applications Part 5 – Provisioning Your First Blueprint

In blog entry Part 4 we designed our first blueprint. Now we are finally at the point where we are ready to provision our first blueprint to an AWS EC2 cloud.                
Configuring the Blueprint Provisioning
We are finally ready to execute the blueprint. In the upper left of the blueprint screen, select the Provision… button. A dialog window will appear to configure the provisioning.  The first text box is the name of the application environment to create in UCD. [more]

ODM for Z System

Decision Management and IBM ODM
Business decisions are everywhere. Practically every business domain faces with business decisions in their daily operations. Here are few industry specific business questions that lead to these decisions:

Is the claim fraudulent?
Is the customer eligible for that product?
Should this claim be managed automatically?

Financial Services

Should we authorize this payment?
What product to recommend?
What is the credit risk for this loan request?


How many loyalty points should we attribute? [more]