Controlling ODM Rules Execution Order: Utilizing the ruletask properties in IBM ODM

Ruleflows in IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) control the rule execution order. There are two levels of granularity within the ruleflows to control the execution: The Ruleflow level and Ruletask level. Ideally business requirements would drive the ruleflow design in ODM. There are best practices around constructing ODM ruleflows and their properties. This article describes the best practices around constructing ODM ruleflows, configuration of ruleflow/ruletask through ruletask properties.  I will also present a situation that frequently appears in “Legacy Modernization” projects, [more]

Deploying IBM UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer Cloud Applications Part 2 – Agents and Agent Relays

In Part 1 of this blog series, we connected the Blueprint Designer to AWS. In Part 2, we are going to discuss agents and agent relays. Agents are the UCD objects that actually execute the deployment. Agent relays are mechanisms to scale multiple agent environments. The focus of this blog entry is to review the mechanics of how agents and agent relays work together in preparation for how blueprints make use of them. Information on how to install agents and agent relays is provided in the UCD Knowledge Center. [more]

Never Dull in the ZT Bus Series – The Bus POC

Matt “Never” Dull has been a technology consultant for over 15 years and is only famous for a few of things. The earliest was a 12’ x 6’ acrylic on canvas painting “Four Bluish Ballerinas” in 1993, if anyone locates it, please put the starting bid at $10. With a brain that can “never” say no to solving the strangest of business requirements, he has successfully delivered some of the most interesting and seemingly impossible integrations involving content management, [more]

Watson Visual Recognition & Product Recommendation

Integrating Watson’s visual recognition service with Watson Commerce enables customers to quickly look for product recommendations and matching products based on an image of a product previously seen in an advertisement or in use elsewhere; for e.g. a style of a dress or any other unique apparel accessory worn by someone else.
IBM Technologies used in this demonstration are IBM Watson Commerce and IBM Watson Visual Recognition API. [more]