APIs, Messaging, or Both: Choosing the Right Approach

In an ever-changing world, it is important to adopt the correct strategy for your business. With considerations such as security, reliability, adaptability, and cost, your decisions have a significant impact. Are APIs the way forward? Is messaging dead? Or is there a place for both?
Join this webcast to hear Dennis Ashby and Leif Davidsen of IBM discuss the strengths of each approach, and help you determine which is the right course for your business.
The targeted audience for this webcast is CIOs and enterprise architects. [more]

Life After Rational Automation Framework

Rational Automation Framework (RAF) is out of support. What will your next move be? Will you be falling back to your old scripting ways to manage your middleware and if so at what cost?
Avnet, the original authors of RAF, have created a next generation middleware configuration management tool called Talos. Talos is a plugin available for IBM’s UrbanCode Deploy (UCD) orchestration engine allowing users to create tokenized deployable templates across 14 different middleware platforms.
Learn how UCD + Talos compares to RAF and how a migration would look. [more]

The Customer Digital Experience – Much More Than Just a Website

A rich, meaningful digital experience is the key to effective engagement in today’s integrated, digital world. Companies are able to customize digital experiences for fully connecting with customers, coworkers and business partners in the most powerful and productive way.
IBM digital experience solutions empower users with instant access to the information they need — when they need it. Accessibility is based on the user profile and is supported by all device types. The digital experience yields greater overall organizational efficiencies from target marketing to anticipating customer issues, [more]

DevOps – A Lot More Than Just Deployment Automation

Companies that incorporate DevOps practices deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competition and less than 50% of their deployments fail. In this webinar, Zilker Technology will provide an overview of what DevOps means in 2016, what IBM is doing to address the latest trends and how clients are using IBM tools to achieve the full DevOps cycle. Also in this webinar, Zilker will introduce a special guest to give you an in-depth look at IBM’s Urban Code. [more]