IBM Integration Bus – Migration Tips & Feature Highlights

IBM Integration Bus (IIB) is a successor for WebSphere Message Broker and provides major improvements including new standards support, policy-based workload management, business rules, and integration with Business Process Management (BPM), Microsoft.NET and much more. In this webinar, we will cover the new features and capabilities of IIB v10, compare IIB to WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (WESB) and share best practices and techniques for migrating from WESB to IIB.

IBM Script Portlet and AngularJS

New frameworks are emerging at an increasing rate and these frameworks offer unprecedented value and speed of development. Start-up culture is predominately using web development frameworks and college graduates want to use familiar frameworks and tools as well. Also, responsive design is now a baseline requirement in any portal project. So how do you leverage these lightweight, powerful new tools while still taking advantage of what WebSphere Portal has to offer?
Script Portlet, introduced in version 8, [more]