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Optimize Customer Inquiry process using IBM’s Cognitive & Digital Process Automation Solution Stack

Processing free text-based customer inquiries from email-attachments, online forms, message boards, etc.
could be a time-consuming process, and in some cases may be too late before the Customer Service
Representatives (CSR) get to it. Automating this process will remove the human element required for
reviewing each inquiry, prioritizing and routing to the appropriate CSR for resolution.

Zilker Technology’s Customer Inquiry Automation (CIA) solution using the IBM Digital Process Automation product stack with IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Classifier APIs can automate &
expedite the processing of customer inquiries while reducing the overall cost, time, and improve customer
satisfaction. Watson’s Natural Language Classifier service along with Watson’s Tone Analyzer can help
your digital process automation solution understand the language of short texts and make predictions
based on emotional tone and how to handle them. Click below for full offering details.

Customer Inquiry Digital Process Automation



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