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Open IT: Introduction and Zilker’s CEO Opening Speech

Zilker Technology had the honor to participate in this year’s Open IT conference in Belgrade, Serbia!

Open IT gathers leading companies of the IT world, and works to connect them with college-level, tech-driven students. The project, which entered its second decade, is organized by AIESEC and The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and has seen success.

“The energy that these young individuals brought was amazing. The organisation of the event was great, and created a professional environment.”

Zilker Technology’s CEO in Serbia Radoslav Didić,
speaking said of Open IT

A proud Silver partner at the 11th Open IT conference, Zilker Technology had two presentations dedicated to the many talented, prosperous young professionals in the crowd. Prior to the presentations, Zilker CEO Radoslav Didić, also gave a speech as part of the conference kick-off.


In his speech, Radoslav  talked about some of the most important topics in the Serbian IT industry and Serbian society in general.

Every year, over 30.000 young people leave Serbia to look for a job overseas. The overwhelming majority are well-educated professionals in search of better pay and living conditions. Mr Didić strongly believes that successful IT companies offer a solution to this ongoing problem. “Young companies are capable of helping young people stay put. Over Zilker’s 11 year life-span, we have been fortunate enough to lose only a handful of employees to opportunities abroad. To help avoid this issue, we focus on employee happiness and satisfaction. We continue to establish a desirable company culture and work environment so that our talented team members have no want or need to seek employment elsewhere.”


Rade goes on to say, “Serbia should strive to create better conditions that go far beyond our own company atmosphere. However, if you’re studying anything related to IT, I believe Serbia is a great place to live, and boasts opportunities to grow both financially and professionally. IT gives an individual a wide range of options, and those that are planning on becoming involved with this field should feel great about their future.“

Our solution to brain drain problem: Successful domestic IT companies that create positive environment to ensure happiness of their employees.

Mr. Didic feels that more of practical work is needed at colleges, but emphasizes that Zilker Technology does not expect new employees to know everything right out of the gate. Zilker gives new members the time needed to master new skills and to be fully integrated within a team setting. “We are looking for people that are able to learn rapidly and efficiently. We want honest individuals that can speak to their past accomplishments and work to gain better understanding on the likelihood of meshing well with our company and fellow employees. We do a great job of differentiating between those with genuine responses, and those who try to fool us.“ Mr Didić considers interaction as one of the key points in the hiring process:

“Hiring is two-way street. You should like us as much as we like you.“

Radoslav Didić, Zilker’s CEO in Serbia

To conclude the speech, Mr. Didić gave IT students some practical advise: „You don’t need to know every programming language that exists. Find out what you’re into and choose one. Master it to a science and do more practical work.“

Joining Mr. Didić were Snježana Bukelić – Zilker’s COO and PM in Serbia, and Goran Ćurčin – CTO at the Serbian team.


On the second day of the conference, Zilker’s senior team members in Serbia introduced Artificial Intelligence and applications developed on its grounds. Day three brought presentations on the basics of Web Design, led by members of Zilker’s UI/UX team.


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