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Never Dull in the ZT Bus Series – Deeper Understanding

Matt “Never” Dull has been a technology consultant for over 15 years and is only famous for a few of things. The earliest was a 12’ x 6’ acrylic on canvas painting “Four Bluish Ballerinas” in 1993, if anyone locates it, please put the starting bid at $10. With a brain that can “never” say no to solving the strangest of business requirements, he has successfully delivered some of the most interesting and seemingly impossible integrations involving content management, search, social, portals, security and mobile solutions to a client list a mile long. In November of 2015, he bought a bus. This bus will eventually become a home, a mobile house where technology wheels will continue to turn and sweat from his pores. So the adventure begins. His two kids and dog put up with him and will join him on cross country bus trips when they can.

Gutting the bus, old methodologies, practices, process flows

A bus is not meant to be taken apart. When you have the motivation to move forward, amazing things will happen, but not without pain. To understand your current infrastructure is to reverse engineer it, people come and go. That network engineer that set up the firewall rules 10 years ago, sorry, he left. The developer that built your core Java service layer, he’s sipping rum punch in Aruba, laughing.

I wasn’t there at the assembly line when the bus was put together. I’m sure there was some systematic fine tuned process that put things together in the correct order in my bus. I need to know exactly how it was put together so that I can efficiently take it apart.

The best way to build something new is to take apart the old. I mean, that really gives you an understanding of the old, right? The problem, however, is that the old must still continue to function as you perform the deconstruction. Business essential systems cannot have an interruption of service while you make a valiant effort to move forward. This is a common reason that cause so many companies to become stagnant with technology. To the bus…Bus ZT

Ten seats in total plus the drivers “captain” chair. Yes, I will need seats, but not these seats. Out they go. The reality is that once the seats are removed, it will be some time before more than one can safely and legally travel in the bus. The fear instilled upon my over energetic mind is that once I remove the very safe seats, I will not be able to build the “just as safe” seats that fit my needs. I’m sure you have this fear as well when it comes time to rip it all apart and start fresh.


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