Emerging Technologies

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Disruptive solutions poised to change the world.  Zilker is always learning and ready to talk about the future with you.

AI & Machine Learning

There are useful tasks for AI Machine Learning beyond competing on Jeopardy. Many organizations are already benefitting from chatbots, response ranking, to crawling through knowledge bases for automated customer service. Zilker Technology is focused on bringing the Machine Learning capabilities of IBM's Watson™ platform to our customers.


Is Blockchain only for financial transactions? Does it mean anything to my enterprise in the near term? What is triple entry accounting anyway? What if the medical procedures in my hospital were recorded in a way that could be played back for compliance and billing? The value of blockchain is still emerging. The potential uses for distributed ledgers are multiplying. Zilker Technology helps our customers explore Blockchain for the purpose of creating thought leadership in their industry.


Industry 4.0. Autonomy versus centralized control. Product Clouds and Edge Networks. People have high expectations of their connected devices. By the way, has anybody figured out how to provide security for these things? Zilker Technology is helping enterprises plan for a new generation of connected devices in the cloud, at the edge network, and on the device