Can't We All Just Get Along

Integration across enterprise applications and consistent pattern creation for development and use.

API Discovery, Design & Management

New integration projects start with the assumption of using APIs for application data, management, and monitoring. Creating consistent patterns of development and usage is the goal of API platforms. At Zilker, our consultants help customers create enterprise strength APIs. We recognize that this form of application integration plays a critical role in reducing the costs associated with onboarding new API consumers as well as managing access, managing security, and creating economies of scale.

Enterprise Integration

Some things never go out of style. Effective integration across enterprise systems continues to be a hot topic for most organizations. Zilker consultants help customers navigate through the buzzwords, patterns, and products to arrive at an operational integration tier. In addition to hands-on technical work, our consultants help our customers understand the complexities, similarities, and differences of the approaches. Our enterprise integration practitioners provide architecture and guidance on SOA, REST, B2B, EDI, and many other forms of application integration.