Managed Services


Focus on your strategic business priorities while we manage your IT.

Application Management

Our highly technical team of consultants are equipped with in-depth industry experience and deep product and application knowledge. Leveraging industry best practices, techniques and procedures this team is trained and ready to assist customers in managing their application maintenance, versioning, and upgrades. All of our customers can expect optimal operation, performance, and efficiency throughout the application lifecycle.

Development Services

While Zilker Managed Services works closely with the larger project team to schedule major releases, our highly technical team can also execute minor enhancements so we can respond to your business needs and any challenges with agility and a quick turnaround. Our consultants use industry standard testing tools and have built a robust, automated test harness to ensure consistent quality of all the systems managed by ZMS.


With continuous application changes and system updates, maintaining an in-house system or hosting on the cloud can be quite challenging. Zilker Managed Services (ZMS) has deep experience with all hosting environments and cloud providers and can help you manage your IT infrastructure and systems. Our care and attention to your environments will enable smooth operations and provide you with an extended team ready to scale as your business does.

Operational Outsourcing

Performing daily operations like build & deploy, regular back-up and system maintenance all while enabling continuous delivery in a 24x7x365 support model is something we excel at. Our Sev 1 Support Phone Line is available 24x7 to report production issues and get resolutions in less than 2 hours. Speak to your account manager to learn more about how you can leverage our best of breed Tools, Processes, and People for your operational excellence.

Security Monitoring

Every day new threats emerge, and it is no longer from lone hackers. Cyber Crime has become more sophisticated and more coordinated through organized crime rings and hostile foreign entities. Zilker can help you monitor threats posted by these syndicates by actively monitoring your external sites, correlating activities, alerting you to hacking attempts, and proactively closing vulnerabilities based on the latest security information.

System Monitoring

Close monitoring and action at the right time are critical for maintaining uptime SLAs, detecting problems early and taking measures to prevent issues in production. Zilker Managed Services has a well-defined methodology for end-to-end system monitoring including synthetic transactions which helps us detect issues early. Smart Threshold based automated alerts ensure that our team is engaged before problems affect end users.