Rules Were Made to Be Broken...uh, wait

Clear mapping of business process and the decisions those processes need to make.

Business Process Automation

The current generation of workflow tools known as Business Process Management (BPM) provide a guided tour for application users. BPM comes complete with email reminders, escalations, and extensive backend automation. Enterprises that harness these tools and concepts drive significant efficiency into their common business processes. Zilker consultants have deep industry experience and in-depth product skill to help you evaluate and create an action plan that achieves your process goals.

Operational Decision Management

How much should an insurance company charge to cover an applicant? Is that stock a buy, sell, or hold? Who is the best customer service agent to handle the distress call for a high-value customer? Business moves fast and timely, accurate decisions are critical. Many complex human decisions are often difficult to replicate consistently across a broad employee population. Our decision management consultants help customers gather the complexity of those into a set of rules that humans can understand and execute.