Zilker Offerings

The First Step is Always the Hardest

Zilker has a number of consulting offerings designed to steer you in the right direction. Try one of our quickstart Zilker4’s leveraging real requirements and real software or engage in a Healthcheck for a solution check up.

Commerce Security Assessment

Zilker's Commerce Security Assessment (CSA) will ensure that your eCommerce application and system is on track to being secure and compliant with the industry standards. The CSA has a proven methodology designed to conduct a thorough review of the customers eCommerce application and architecture, Infrastructure and Database to determine if the recommended security practices are being followed and identify any gaps.

Magento ZCheck

Whether you are preparing for your peak season or are just looking to improve your environment, Zilker Technology’s Magento ZCheck will help you identify potential problems before customers abandon their cart due to a poor user experience. A ZCheck typically spans 1-2 weeks and follows a process which includes stakeholder interviews (Marketing and IT) and an in-depth technical audit of your code, processes, and systems.

Watson Commerce Insights Connector for Magento

Currently, Magento does not have cognitive capabilities built-in into the product that provides an insightful or predictive analysis of the customer’s merchandising data. While Magento's business intelligence product does offer some of the analytics and insight capabilities it lacks the extensive cognitive capabilities found in WCI. Zilker’s Watson Commerce Insights Connector for Magento is the first to integrate one of IBM's Cognitive offerings with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Watson Customer Engagement Accelerator

Zilker’s Watson Customer Engagement Accelerator is a complete solution that addresses e-business demands for a powerful cross-channel customer interaction platform.

WebSphere Modernization Workshop

Gain a better understanding of the business value and the benefit you can get from a continuous delivery platform achieving maximum value from your investments. Attendees will learn how to implement an end-to-end Continuous Integrations/Continuous Delivery (CICD) solution using tools like GIT, Jenkins, Maven, IBM DevOps Services, and IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

Zilker Hybrid Cloud Accelerator

The Hybrid Cloud Accelerator is a complete solution that addresses business demands on middleware and cloud platforms. This solution addresses customer expectations for complete business platforms using modern designs for simplified, self-healing, and integrated IT systems.

Zilker Implementation Methodology (ZIM)

Some consulting methodologies are too overbearing for organizations to execute in a cost effective manner. Others are too lightweight to provide useful guidance. ZIM utilizes a series of capability maps, project skeletons, and health checks to set clear expectations about the challenges our customers will face during an IT initiative.


IBM’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) Bluemix, offers something for everyone, from rapid application deployments to pay as you go Watson analytics. But with all the capabilities, getting started can be a bit daunting. ZilkerTechnology is a full-service IBM partner who understands the power of PaaS and can help you tap into it. The sheer number of offerings on Bluemix dictates that each Zilker4Bluemix engagement is somewhat unique, but the common foundation is 3-4 days, generally onsite, with your IT team and subject matter experts working to identify and validate opportunities.


At Zilker Technology we understand that the first BPM implementation can be a large undertaking and thus we have created Zilker4BPM to help customers gain confidence in a BPM investment. Zilker4BPM is a fixed cost 3–4 day rapid process workshop to help you accelerate your BPM implementation. This workshop is focused on creating a starting point for a live process. Zilker experts will also work with you to draft a plan for automation implementation and improve stakeholder visibility.


Having a strategy for how to leverage the cloud is an integral part of any IT operation these days. We realize that while it does sound enticing and “everybody is doing it” each organization is at a different stage of readiness and hesitant about the next step. We have created a package offering where our experienced professionals assess your needs and challenges so you are ready to make informed decisions about your cloud strategy. Zilker4Cloud is comprised of a 3 – 4 days onsite assessment plus some additional time offsite where we will review documentation and conduct interviews with technical staff to understand your current architecture and leave you with the knowledge needed to take the next step towards the cloud.

Zilker4Commerce Migration

IBM is ending life on WebSphere Commerce v7 and all its FEP (Feature Enhancement Packs) in April of 2019. Zilker is made for Commerce Version changes. With over 20 senior technical architects and development resources certified in IBM Commerce and with over 90% of our implementation and operations resources having been through complex migrations and upgrades in the past, Zilker is the best partner to move these clients toward V9 of IBM Watson Commerce.


The architecture of v9 IBM commerce platform has been revamped to a more modular structure. While these improvements have been designed to make the set-up, deployment, and management of commerce environments quicker than the previous versions, it does open up a number of options in terms of flexibility on where customers can run them. With our Zilker4CommerceInfrastructure offering, we will work with customers to understand their current infrastructure and future state requirements as well as help them develop a well-defined architectural plan and processes to address the near-term eCommerce roadmap.


Your digital strategy is what drives your customer, employee and partner experiences. Today's savvy users demand dynamic digital experiences and these touchpoints with your business are increasingly important in delivering them. At Zilker Technology we recognize the need to see, feel and understand the strategy first and therefore have created an offering to build a rapid prototype for our customers in just 4 days. Zilker4DX is a rapid prototyping session where we will be by your side to understand your most important challenges in digital experience and leave you with a clickable prototype that can be shared with users and decision makers.


In a traditional, hardware-based IT environment, any expansion of IT resources to support business applications is handled on a project-by- project basis across IT resource silos. This approach has led to system sprawl, greatly expanding the costs of “keeping the lights on”. The IBM Pure Family offers a simple, integrated and optimized IT system that you can start with, grow within, and combine together, to evolve your IT environment for business applications. Zilker4PureApp is a 4-day rapid prototyping session where we will be by your side to demonstrate the simplicity that IBM PureSystems can bring to your organization. At the end of the 4 days, we will leave you with a working prototype that can be shared with users and decision makers.

ZIM for Customer Engagement & Digital Experience

Looking to upgrade your IBM WebSphere Portal™, Web Content Mangement™ or Watson Commerce™? Is it the “right time” for a migration? Can’t determine if on-prem or Cloud are right for you? ZIM for CE is a proven repeatable implementation methodology for guiding customers to successful product upgrades.