Is Blockchain only for financial transactions? Does it mean anything to my enterprise in the near term? What is triple entry accounting anyway? What if the medical procedures in my hospital were recorded in a way that could be played back for compliance and billing? The value of blockchain is still emerging. The potential uses for distributed ledgers are multiplying. Zilker Technology helps our customers explore Blockchain for the purpose of creating thought leadership in their industry.



Z’Concierge: An Exciting Cognitive Solution Born From a Challenge

As you may be aware, Zilker Technology was selected as a 2nd phase finalist in IBM’s Watson Build Challenge. I am excited to use this blog to share how proud I am of our team for their enthusiastic engagement and the resulting solution from this competition.
To provide a little background, earlier this year IBM announced the Watson Build Challenge as a way to spark business partners to nurture and launch new business opportunities based on Watson’s cognitive capabilities.   [more]