Your digital strategy is what drives your customer, employee and partner experiences. Today's savvy users demand dynamic digital experiences and these touchpoints with your business are increasingly important in delivering them. At Zilker Technology we recognize the need to see, feel and understand the strategy first and therefore have created an offering to build a rapid prototype for our customers in just 4 days. Zilker4DX is a rapid prototyping session where we will be by your side to understand your most important challenges in digital experience and leave you with a clickable prototype that can be shared with users and decision makers.


Case Studies



Custom Global Patient-Centered Portal
FH Foundation partnered with Zilker to build a robust, cost-effective WordPress portal solution and to provide ongoing support, maintenance and development services. The portal streamlines collection, storage and reporting of patient data in a HIPAA-compliant cloud system, while keeping physicians, researchers and patients informed of the latest development in the field of FH diagnosis and treatment. This global portal is I18N enabled to operate seamlessly in Mandarin and French languages. [more]


Zilker Announces New Offering for Customer Engagement and Digital Experience

Looking to upgrade your IBM WebSphere Portal™, Web Content Mangement™ or Watson Commerce™? Is it the “right time” for a migration? Can’t determine if on-prem or Cloud are right for you? Zilker Implementation Methodology (ZIM) for Customer Engagement & Digital Experience (DX) is a proven repeatable implementation methodology for guiding customers to successful product upgrades.  ZIM for CE & DX is the latest of a long list of offerings Zilker is bringing to market.
Our process starts with a Blueprint phase that evaluates our customer’s current deployment, [more]

Never Dull in the ZT Bus Series: It’s Time for a Change

Matt “Never” Dull has been a technology consultant for over 15 years. With a brain that can “never” say no to solving the strangest of business requirements, he has successfully delivered some of the most interesting and seemingly impossible integrations involving content management, search, social, portals, security and mobile solutions to a client list a mile long. In November of 2015, he bought a bus. His two kids and dog put up with him and will join him on cross-country bus trips when they can.   [more]

Can it Core an Apple (or Android)?

With the prevalence of Smart Phones, there are various strategies to consider when it comes to supporting these devices while dealing with web design. Two common buzz phrases are “Mobile First” and “Responsive Design”. These approaches have gained popularity, and as is often the case with technological solutions, are used without much analysis about whether or not they are the best approach.
To start, let’s look at the Mobile First approach.
What is Mobile First? This approach focuses on creating the “harder” design for small screens first, [more]

Zilker Technology Hires Jim Whitehouse to Vice President of East Sales

AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 10th, 2016  – Zilker Technology, one of the fastest growing IBM Software Resellers and Service Providers in North America announces the addition of Jim Whitehouse as the Vice President of East Sales.
“We are very excited to announce the hiring of Jim Whitehouse. I have had the privilege of working with Jim for almost 20 years,” said Rob Thomas, CEO of Zilker Technology. [more]

Zilker Technology Hires Shilpa Kotiyan to Chief Architect – eCommerce

AUSTIN, TEXAS – May 16, 2016  – Zilker Technology, an Austin-based expert integrator, announces the addition of Shilpa Kotiyan as the Chief Architect – eCommerce.
“We are very excited to announce the hiring of Shilpa Kotiyan. I have worked with Shilpa for over 10 years,” said Sean Wyrick, CTO of Zilker Technology. “She is an expert in eCommerce implementations and the associated technologies. She provides Zilker and our customers with the technical leadership and experience to deliver any size eCommerce solution.”
Shilpa has over 13 years of experience working in eCommerce.   [more]

Zilker Technology Hires Tony Thallman to Director of Central Region Sales

AUSTIN, TEXAS – November 14, 2016- Zilker Technology, one of the fastest growing IBM Software Resellers and Service Providers in North America announces the addition of Tony Thallman as the Director of Central Region Sales.
“We are very excited that Tony is joining the Zilker team,”  said Rob Thomas, CEO of Zilker Technology.  “He has a sustained track record of building and maintaining client success, [more]

IBM Script Portlet and AngularJS

New frameworks are emerging at an increasing rate and these frameworks offer unprecedented value and speed of development. Start-up culture is predominately using web development frameworks and college graduates want to use familiar frameworks and tools as well. Also, responsive design is now a baseline requirement in any portal project. So how do you leverage these lightweight, powerful new tools while still taking advantage of what WebSphere Portal has to offer?
Script Portlet, introduced in version 8, [more]